Example: Xe’nadit ‘inatu esaku’tan’han.
(1S-nadit (INF)advertise employment-ALL)
I try in vain to apply for a job.

This is not quite correct. Currently, I can only say that I am applying, but have not yet received any results. I can however say that applying for jobs sucks. It makes me wish that we were in a socialist state where jobs were assigned to people. Even though I am normally libertarian. It is a so bizarre ritual apparently intended to humiliate applicants. I understand that advertising is necessary, but I feel uncomfortable by advertising my own skills and abilities while simultaneously hiding the issues (like my disability). So, yeah… if anyone wants to hire a code monkey with a love for constructed languages, tell me!

Back to ‘nadit: It can be used intransitively, mostly in the expression [Jilih] mi’la’nadit ([this] 3S-PST-nadit: this was in vain), but it can as well be used to say that something is done in vain like in the example above.