I found this gem on another conlang site and thought I can join in.

Hello: Hejida
(This word actually exists on all levels of formality. From the colloquial -jida to the very formal hejida tahoj)

How are you?: Iti’il mi’aru sunreja? (literally: what is your state?)

My name is…: Xe’elu… (I am called…)

What is your name: Il’elu sunreja?

I am lost: Xe’ki’ta ladja’het (I don’t know my path)

Where am I?: Xe’aru sunra?

Where is the bathroom?: Himenju’het kivetu mi’aru sunra?

Where is my luggage?: Doky’tan’xe mi’aru sunra?

Where is the tourist center?: Nimedi’het neteva mi’aru sunra?

Where is the embassy?: Lentine’het’min kovomin’het’ny komanu mi’aru sunra? (representation of foreign governments is where?)

I am sorry: Viije (or if you are really, really sorry: demna’xe mi’oki’anik)

Please: (not really indicated by a word, but by grammar)

Thank you: texeki.

Help: Hariri’iln!

I don’t speak rejistanian very well: Xe’ma’ta ‘visko veka al rejistaniha.

I don’t understand: Xe’hadada’ta.

Speak more slowly: Il’lanja’visko sama alna.

It was my husband’s/wife’s idea to go here on vacation: Kenvasina’he’xe mi’la’tari ‘limesu ‘neteva namin neteva’het’xen.

Could you recommend a good restaurant?: Il’mesit’ma ‘ki lixama’het dary su?

more in the next installment…