since I recently cannot really work on the blog recently because other things distract me, I have an idea to continue. I will take a meme on a site like quickmeme.com and translate them into rejistanian. Since I currently spend so much time on these sites, it will maybe keep me on working on it.

Kansa’he’ny kaletri Iln’lanjamesit’ma ‘kate ,xe’ma ‘duxu dakin’het’ny’han’min hej’ny rete’sy evix, het.

What is it referring to? THIS!

What is interesting here is that the rejistanis would use a polytheistic form. Rejistania is a place with a polytheistic religious majority. Thus it is kinda assumed that you are a polytheist just as people in Ireland will probably assume that you are a monotheist if you made no stance either way.

I could not translate TCP/IP yet so I currently just used rete for network.