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This is the 200th posting in this little piece of the internet. As such, here are some oddities: There were 272 legitimate comments including my comments on my posts, however, there were 291 spam comments. To change that, I suggest a chameless self-promotion thread: You blog about conlangs? Or you are a regular and blog about something else you consider interesting? Post here about it and it might find its way into my blogroll.

There were some odd search terms: conlang influenced by abstract math, most random rants, scroll writing elvish writting (I consider that one offensive given my stance on elves), english word for das herz (it means ‘the heart’ but why in Torvalds’ name didn’t you use‽), handwritten quenya (haven’t I mention that I HATE elves), extending toki pona (it is Toki Pona, extending it would be like making Esperanto irregular or adding a /g/ to rejistanian, the result would not be the original language)… then there were the previous weeks.

Other odd searches (from the previous weeks): immoral and illegal, can nature do something in vain?, qualify from group stage, words every conlang needs, what does sanja mean (I think sanja, ie life has no inherent meaning and is what we make of it…) and crazy word of the day (thanks google for that one…)

In all-time stats, nadit and semek are the most commonly searched for rejistanian words, followed by alatu, kanvali and lasane. I wonder what these people looked for…

And now something conlang related: I will from now on have various conlang related thoughts which do not fit into the idea of a daily rejistanian word at Constructing Language.

Example: Xe’ena ‘isena sistenha njinji’ta al.
( (INF)include system intangible many)
I need to install much software.

Yes, on a new system, a lot of things have to be installed among them, some of the worst hacks and kludges out there. Some of these are really… kludgy (or ika). One of them, I should document: To make my Logitech Marble Mouse trackball (or for the NaNoWriMo crowd: my rat*) work with udev requires a few commands to be exceuted at the start of your X11 session:

xinput set-int-prop “Logitech USB Trackball” “Evdev Wheel Emulation Button” 8 8
xinput set-int-prop “Logitech USB Trackball” “Evdev Wheel Emulation” 8 1
xinput set-prop “Logitech USB Trackball” “Evdev Wheel Emulation Axes” 6 7 4 5
xinput set-button-map “Logitech USB Trackball” 1 8 3 4 5 6 7 2 9

This makes the vertical and horizontal scrolling work when simultaneously pressing the small left button. And has that one work as middle mouse button. Horizontal scrolling is often needed to make full use of the crap some people call webdesign, thus it is required to keep me from being too annoyed with the web and considering bombing it back to the stoneageHTML3.2 days. 😉

How is that posting related to conlangs? Well, noticed the cursive text? It would be the kind of phrases which ‘ena in one conjugation or another one would replace in translation. BTW: instead of “I need X for Y”, rejistanis often prefer a more impersonal construction when talking about demands: “X mi’rala’ena Y’han” X is required for the benefit of X. As adjective, it means ‘needed’ or ‘required’ and the noun ena’tan means requirement while ena’het just refers to something that is required.

BTW: I want to thank taronyu for mentioning me in his presentation in Edinburgh (youtube video). It makes me feel as if my 9 (or so) years on working on rejistanian payed off. 😉

EDIT: Link is right now.

This reached me via Jabber today:

(Mikoangelo) You should write an article on RWotD about colloquialisms and stuff
(Mikoangelo) so I can learn how to say stuff like “no way!” and “for realz‽”

Rejistanian used to be not a very colloquial language. People turned to their native languages if they wanted to speak colloquially among each other. However, the various migrations changed this to a point and colloquial rejistanian emerges. It is mostly defined by a different way of speaking. I explained colloquial rejistanian grammar already a bit. Generally, the noun-classes won’t be marked and neither will be the tenses. Various things won’t be used unless there is a very good reason to, like the various subjunctives (except oki for emphasis) and the passive voice. Forms with ‘aru will be replaced by state-verb constructions when possible (and where not quite possible but you see yourself able to escape the grammar police 😉 ).

This means that a sentence like “Exkola’het mi’la’aru kaeda sijah.” (school was boring today) turns into something like this: “Exkola mi’oki’kaeda sijah” (school/teacher/education.system was/is/ surely be.boring today).

Colloquialisms which exist are mostly metynymies and inside jokes. As such, a given community might call their school “Sede[ha]” because it is the “Exkola’het Hank~hila Sede” or “axiri[‘het]” (beach) after that one first day of school where they all dressed up (or rather down) in swimming clothes as a practical joke. Not all are though: In the example of the schoolday, the term ‘derek (which means old and in bad shape) is also used for ‘boring’.

That said: There were specific sentences, which were asked for: “For realz‽” would be “Tye su‽” (real/actual QUESTPART). “No way!” would either be something like “Mi’aru’ta!” (literally: it does not exist!) or a bit idiomatically: “Xatri[‘tan] nil ry’ra!” (literally: zero times in 100). The etymology of this expression is not quite clear to me as of yet. It probably is related to incorrect understanding how percentages work linguistically.

An interesting search reached my blog as well: Someone metacrawled* for “kenlentine’ny mje’he”. This is actually the name for the council, which is in charge of Rejistania. Kenlentine’he’ny means “joint representatives” and the “mje” which means “one” or here “first” takes the noun class suffix from the noun in the ordinal form. Thus “kenlentine’ny mje’he” means “The first joint-representatives”.

* “to google” sounds odd in the past tense…

shameless plug time: CotW

This is the translation of the Challenge of the week for this week:

Il’ma ‘hax jilih ohix’het’mi semynu ,mi’rala ‘leje #conlang’sy, het jatni’het’ra. Ohix’het mi’rala’jitni #conlang’he’ny semynu’het hakim ji odis’he’ny hakim mi’ma’ytinvisko ameri’het rejavisko’het’han’min larava. Xen’ma ‘retesalan ameri’het’il ytinvisko ,il’esina, nka.

Yes, upload is ‘retesalan, which literally means net-up.