Example: Xe’tari ‘dejhu asty’het xike jo.
(1S-begin (INF)have.age year twenty eight.)
I started being 28 years old.

Yes, it’s “Oh shit, another year older” day for me. I am now 28* years old. I remember the time when 386 computers were considered fast. I used computers without Windows but with MS DOS. I remember when Das Modul was popular and when Scooter was still considered to be a one hit wonder. When I was young, Germany still was/were two states…

Before I fall into tirades about how life sucks now compares to earlier and crank up the nostalgia, I should just tell that dejhu’tan means age and stop posting. :p But I should mention first that there ware now 222** comments on this blog, which is a funny number.

*Or in Toki Pona: tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu 😉

** in Rejistanian that number is xiry xike xi. Insert Toki Pona joke here.