Could you recommend something good to eat?: Il’mesit’ma ‘ki ovik’het veka su?

Could you recommend a good hotel?: Il’mesit’ma ‘ki hotelu’het kadani su? (the word hotel is a loan from English, Kadani means sufficient, of course this has the disadvantage of people misunderstanding you and explaining to you how to get to a vijeti (very low standard and budget accommodation), but hey, that is a risk you take)

Could you recommend a good doctor?: Il’mesit’ma ‘ki sotoi’he kivsi su?

That was a lovely meal. What was it?: Ovik’het jilih mi’la’mehde oejelu. Mi’la’aru sunjet?

How much do we owe you for the meal?: Eha’het’mi lerat ovik’het’xen jilih mi’aru sunjet? (what is the price of our meal?)

How much do we owe you for the room?: Eha’het’mi lerat yunad’het(‘ny)’xen jilih mi’aru sunjet? (what is the price of our night(s)?)

How much do we owe you for the things we broke?: Xen’ni ‘ohixima il(n) het’ny’tes ,xen’la’hakela’ta ‘ykasi, het eha’het sunjet? (which value must we compensate you(plural) for the things we accidentally destroyed.)

How much did you say it cost again?: Il’la’visko eha’het sunjet? (you said which value?)

You are joking, aren’t you?: Il’xikini su?

I am sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you: Viije, demna’het’xe mi’oki’anik, xe’hakela’ta ‘rantu il’ja.

Our customs are very different from yours: Kademi’tan’ny’xen min’telan al kademi’tan’ny’iln’tes.

I don’t know anything about local politics, I’m afraid: Viije, xe’ki’ta kovomin’tan namin.

Our guide did not tell us that there was a (revolution)[war]{soccer[football] championship} going on in this country: Nika’he’xen mi’la’demu’ta ,(ielkaju’het)[kyus’het]{xamjona’het sekhika} mi’kidhi tani’het’ra jilih, het.

Thank you for your hospitality. We enjoyed our visit very much, but now we must be going home because we have many important things to do there: Texeki namda’tan’il(n)’han. Xen’la’sek neteva’het al ,xan’ni ‘isa ‘myju’han ,xen’rala’ena ‘va halen’het’ny, lijas, venil.