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This is the opposite of ‘exala. The best English equivalent would be to behave hypocritically. Every society has this kind of behavior, the bible considers it to be bad and so do we as a set of related and interconnected cultures.

The verb can be used intransively as well and then mean ‘to be hypocitical’. In this sense, it is very similar to English, in the version, which expects a verb as parameter, it is a strange, but IMHO needed expression.

Example: Mi’hatavan ‘selka ,mi’kamandi ,exkola’he mi’la’tes, la, venil.
(3S-hypocritically.do (INF)do.fair.part ,3S-let.down.others ,teacher 3S-PST-go.away, PST, but.)
S/He pretended to do his/her fair share of the work but let those who relied on him/her down when the teacher left.

I am not quite sure how this word came into rejistanian, it is one ot the few words, which uses redublication for emphasis and it does follow my symbolism of using u in ‘bad’ words. It refers to the generic, scary, dangerous creature. Jadsujadsu’he’ny (‘he here because the myths tend to name them) tend to be horrible creatures who the gods send down to punish the evil ones or occasionally, just because. Or rather, the reasons remind of Fridge Logic (search ts on TVtropes.org if you do not know it and am aware that TVtropes is a horrible timesink. Bad enough that I will not link it directly).

Example: Jadsujadsu’het’ny sistenha’het’ra hame mi’la’ovik tisa’het sinu luru (monster system-LOC clean 3S-PST-eat clothing foor other: the monster in the washing machine ate the other sock) listen

BTW: #conlang discussed recording text in our conlangs and Uiri made a very naïve statement:
MalfermitaKodo: I calculated half an hour for one sentence when I started recording for the RWotD
Uiri: really?
Uiri: wow
Uiri: couldn’t you just read it off of the screen or something ? 😛

Err, no.

Just a rough step by step plan of today’s sample:
1) “slani! Where is my headset‽”
2) “Ah, here!”
3) starting audacity
4) recording some garbage to test the setup, I forgot to switch the mic on a few times too often…
5) Works, delete the garbage-audiotrack without listening
6) start recording in earnest: press the record button…
7) switch window, gah, not THAT one, THIS one!
8) speak sentence
9) realize that you *bleep*ed up,
10) speak it again from the beginning
11) speak it again since the first time speaking the sentence has a horrible prosody
12) go back to audacity and stop the recording.
13) listen, to make sure that
Aja) it did not stop recording somewhere in the middle for unscrutable reasons
Ese) you did not *bleep* up the sounds too badly
Ili) you did not *bleep* up the stress too badly
Omo) you did not *bleep* up the prosody too badly
Unu) you did not *bleep* up by breathing audibly into the mic
Y) you did not *bleep* up by ommitting suffixes (I kept saying “sistenha’ra” which is grammatically correct, just not part of the example sentence)
Hi) you did not *bleep* up of speaking too quiet
Je) you did not *bleep* up in a different manner
14) delete the audiotrack, if anything in 13 applied, goto 6
15) If none of the criteria in 13 applied, undo it because for some odd reason audacity froze when playing and deleting the audiotrack and restoring it via undo makes audacity work again*.
16) select some noise, you know, like from the time you looked for the right window. open the noise removal plugin, select get noise profile
17) select the entire thing and re-run the plugin
18) select Amplify, use its presets
19) cut the noise and the misrecorded stuff
20) Okay, now save the thing, thus click, no, NOT save but export, click away a probably occasionally useful but in my case annoying metatitle dialog, select a filename (wav because the program does not recognize an installed lame), click okay
21) Close audacity, no, you do NOT want to save because you did just do this very thing!
22) cd ~/mystuff/rejistanian/freesqueak ; lame jadsujadsu.wav** ; music123 jadsujadsu.wav.mp3
23) upload it via scp. scp rocks!
24) insert the link into the blog-posting

Seriously, reading off a screen is not the issue when speaking a conlang. Maybe think of a first-grader who just learns to read and how he sounds. This is how a conlanger who speaks his ‘lang for the first time sounds, Just worse! One of the issues are the sounds which do not occur in the native language. Even innocent words can cause problems, in my case for example the word ‘require’, which I always pronounce incorrectly. Another, worse issue is the prosody. Rejistanian stacks adjectives and things which behave like adjectives onto each other. But this means they must be grouped and distinguished in speech. Tisa’het sinu luru has 2 parts: tisa’het sinu, or in english: sock and luru: other. This must be accounted for in speech. And it is not easy to get that right. If you do not believe me, translate the grandfather text into your conlang, record it and send me the unedited first attempt.

*I exaggerated the frequency of this happening because it POs me.
** various parameters ommitted here

Xilat mi’hiju (the sky is cloudy) and its negation are about the only times when this word is used as a state verb. Apart from that, the adjective refers to clouds and the noun, well, is explained in the topic pretty well already. The word is used in a previous posting already. Namely in the song “A la barikadoj”. Which made me remember that I never actually got around to record it. Which I did now. Listen at your own risk.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t realize that audacity *bleep*ed up so royally!

‘jene: to flow

This is the alternative I mentioned to ‘kihjune. Water can just as well ‘jene as it can ‘kihjune. The nouns do behave differently though. While jene’het is anything which flows, jene’tan means flow (of water of a similar liquid, the mental state is letena’tan) or metaphorically: (natural and predictable) change.

There are some derived words:
‘jeneseve: to influence (‘seve means ‘to use’)
jeneseve: influential, strong (medicine, chemical, poison, glasses, etc.)

There is a spoken example sentence from yesterday, which illustrates the usage and can also be used as a proverb for the fact that change is inevitable. All example sentences, I can think of are very similar, so please scroll down for it. 🙂

I mentioned this already in the translation yesterday, but I wanted to make it a make it visible not only for those who read translations of internet memes. Oejelu (and ‘oejelu) does not only mean ‘beautiful’ (which is a mostly visual and probably also auditory term), but in general pleasant to any sense. It does also share the idea of abstract beauty. An elegant mathematical proof or an elegant algorithm can ‘oejelu as well as they can be beautiful. The derivations are perfectly regular.

Maybe it is time to introduce another concept: intentional holes in the vocabulary. These are things, where rejistanian has no word for. They exist in natlangs as well. The English lack kandidieren and unabsteigbar, the Germans lack cherish and frown. One of the holes, which rejistanian has is a lack of a word for art. This specific hole exists because I think that art has been defined so broadly that everything and nothing is art by now. Unless there is a specific definition which can be agreed on by 2 persons, I can’t even think of the word art (or Kunst) well enough to rejistanize it. So what would you do when attempting to translate the word art? Think of what you mean at this specific moment and say that.

Example: Jada’het jilih mi’oejelu. (song this 3S-beautiful)