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de: five

Example: Xe’lil lejen’het de.
(1S-have book five)
I have five books

This word should stand for itself. We already know how numbers work and de is completely regular (unlike xi: two with one irregular ordinal form). But now: NaNovember awaits!

On the day after the world cup, the question arises whether I should add some more Rejistanian Words of the Day which relate to soccer or whether I should return to a more universal topic (if you have an opinion either way, please post it). For this posting, which probably can be seen as bonus however, it does not matter: This is the 100th posting and this means that I am introducing the word ‘one hundred’.

Example: Xe’la’dimil ameri ry’het (1S-PST-write text 100-ORD: I wrote the 100th text)

One of the things, I wanted to do for quite a while is to look at the search terms which were used to find the RWotD blog. And since ry is a rather boring term, the best time to do so is now:
rejistanian is by far he most common term used to find the blog: 15 times, someone used this term to get to this part of the internet.
The runner up is “conlangs by“. Seriously. I am not sure what you want to find with these terms, but you guys should have gone to CALS to find it, not here. But so, 3 people were misled.
The third place (with 2 hits) has some terms which are expected and some serious WTF stuff: rejistania and locowrimo makes sense and is expected. Slightly down the slope of plausibility is “meaning of lanja” (okay, I occasionally use the word and did so in the blog), songs kireshi (no kireshan songs here, sorry, the kireshi creole is only a very unimportant side project for me) and kenakoliku can be exxplained if you wave your hands and wiggle your ears enough, but, sweet Loki, why is empretzel here‽ Yes, written just like this. There were also 2 people who searched for my language information as a gist on github with different search terms. They belong here as well, I guess.
For the rest, I will not explain everything, but only point out the remarkable stuff. In the category “slani how did they find my blog with these terms‽”: “ideogram conlang“, “what does s-x-a- mean“, “conlang smallest inventory” and “easiest conlang“. Sure, rejistanian is easy, but not easiest. In the category “stalking” the winner is “rejistania boris“. Yes, he is my fiancé. Also, I got a few hits from people who were searching for rejistanian terms: itva, hyji, xetsu, kihjune, lekie, and the already mentioned lanja. What were these gals and guys searching?

And just today, I got the 2nd google hit from someone who wants a translation of Krakenorakel. It’s octopus oracle, but for some odd reason this nice term is not used much outside of twitter.

Sorry for this almost contentless posting. A ‘quick’ call to my significant other took more than 2 hours.

Example: Najny’het ly min’la’itva. Najny ly’het mi’la’yri’ta jarav. (Attempt 3 3PL-PST-fail. Attempt 3-ORD 3S-PST-succeed-NEG close. 3 attempts failed. The third almost succeeded.) listen

xi: two

Numbers are good when not having time. Tomorrow a big posting again.

Example: Tansaha’het sumik mi’sidekhir tiltilik’het ,tilkane xi’het mi’sidekhir xisu’het, venil. (bird punctual 3S-reach worm ,mouse 2-ORD 3S-reach cheese, but: The punctual bird gets the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese.)