I think everyone has done these kind of things. The term carries a connotation of shame or regret. In rejistanian, this can also be used intransitively and then mean ‘to do various things which seem like a good idea in the current state’ (if there is a NationStates equivalent to Flickr, I am quite sure that mi’rala’rahohu is the tag you’d need to look for if you want to see rejistanis doing stupid things). The past tense form is especially common when talking about parties, but it describes my code quite well as well*: Xe’rahohu ‘seve elu’het “length” ,mi’rala’seve isena’het’sy Systemha, venil. (It seemed like a good idea to use the name “length” even though it is used by the unit System).

Rahohu’het is the kind of thing, which is done in this state, which was a good idea at that time. Rahohu’tan is drunken, high or just impaired behavior.

The word is composed of ‘ra and ‘hohu: “to be in a place” + “to be tipsy/slightly drunk”. Ie: to be in a state of tipsyness. Using ‘ra instead of ‘iti (to be in a state) is a regional colloquialism though.

Example: Sunjet mi’la’kidhi katinu’tan’jet sijehi? – Rahohu’het’ny min’la’kidhi. Visko’ta’il xuka min.
(What 3S-PST-happen party-TEMP yesterday? – Rahohu.behavior-PL 3PL-PST-happen. Say-NEG-IMP2S about 3PL)
What happened at the party yesterday? – Things which were a good idea at that time. Don’t speak about them.

* to my defense: it WORKS!

BTW: Google likes me again: “very easy conlangs” was a search term via which someone found my little place in the internet. Yes, rejistanian probably belongs to them because its grammar is very simple. It just has an almost completely a priori vocabulary, which has to be learned.