The fattening bit is just a joke, sorry, could not resist.

This is a very strange word, but it is a term which I find sadly lacking in English and German. I mean, we do have to use a subclause for this kind of thing even though it is happening all too often. It is generally not used adverbially and seldomly as an adjective. An exala’het is an immoral or illegal deed done when one perceives oneself unobserved, exala’tan is the class of these actions and exala’he is someone who does these things.

Example: Lama’he mi’exala ‘save ji ‘ovik isisuvara’het. (child 3S-exala (INF)take and (INF)eat cookie) While perceiving her/imself unobserved and knowing that it was an immoral action, the child took the cookie/biscuit.

BTW: Whoever asked for what word order is easiest presumably in a conlang via a google search, Sorry, I only see the terms “which word order is easiest to use for a” here. In which case I can only reply: the one you are used to.
Also, Google tries to be subtle again: “crazy word of the day” was googled for and led to this humble blog. Yikes!