I am not sure how this word got into the language. I guess after falling down to create lines, my brain worked weirdly. I think it was not designed as a loan but as a word, which just coincided. Its derivations are depressingly regular.

Example: Etil’het’ny redy min’mehde xeku. (Apple-PL red 3PL-taste sweet: Red apples taste sweet.) listen

Since this word is not really interesting, here some unrelated things, which I do have to put somewhere. One relates to the format of the audio. I realized that I potentially excluded listeners by my choice of format. So I will give you the choice: which audioformat do you want? Ogg Vorbis is free, libre, and open, it creates small files and is easiest for me to use since audacity supports it directly. It might however not work on your Windows unless you have a 3rd party player like vlc. MP3 is probably still in patent struggles, it is widely supported and would require me to type one command more than I would need otherwise. Speex is an interesting, free, little codec ideal for speech*. It seems neat because it creates smaller files, and since I am currently hosted by a friend, I feel bad about the filesizes. I know that it works on Linux but I have no idea which other OSes support it. So yeah, xetsu’iln (choose)!

Here a little comparison of sizes of today’s example:
FLAC 202K (it makes no good sense to encode anything this crappy mic produced losslessly, but for completeness sake it is included)
Ogg Vorbis: 33K
Speex: 32K
MP3: 40K (encoded lamely, err via lame)
WAV-original: 435K

Now… how to translate instructor, or guru as Ysak asked… I had to coin a few words for that. I already suggested to him exkola’he (teacher) and xesyn’he (the literal translation would be ‘leader’, yes, the same word as Führer if we bothered to translate it, however it is not used in government related contexts. ). There also exists letva’he (instructor, someone who teaches, especially worldly and vocational skills) and ki’he (someone who knows) sevae’he (someone who is initiated into arcane, probably religious knowledge). None of these might have the connotation which was asked for, but it is a part of the fun of learning that the words mean very different things even when they translate he same concept.

*I am especially partial to it due to its slogan ‘A free codec for free speech’