This word is a simple one. It is not related to ‘doing work’ but instead to being able to function. Working as in ‘doing work’ is “‘oyki”. This breaking of the topic is related to something else though. On my netbook, this blog is really unusably slow with the newest Firefox and I am considering switching to a more minimal theme, especially if others have the same issue. So, tell me what you think:

The other reason is that I cannot get the song “America” by Roy Zimmerman out of my head. Those without Flash, like me, can still convert it to MP3. Metacrawler is your friend since I am not sure about the legal implications of these sites.

Example: Mi’mesit’juku! Kelda’iln ‘oyki! (3S-SUBJ4-function! Remain-IMP2PL (INF)work)

And the third reason for this topic is that I seem to be incapable of converting the letters blisk calligraphically wrote for me into a font using fontforge. That tool is harder to figure out than quantum chronodynamics and the EUropean* constitution. Is there a better tool to create fonts which runs on Linux?

* EUropean is a term I would like to see used for the parts of Europe in the EU, just to prevent another America the continent vs America the nation issue. It could be pronounced by prefixing a /i:/ in front of .