Example: Xe’ki’duruikivetu miatu sijah.
(1S-FUT-bathe sparkling today)
I am going to take a sparkling bath today.

Well, I am. A bath with one of these… things… I thought about making the example sentence about vampires, but decided that Twilight really does not need to be mocked further. And the closest thing rejistanian mythology has to vampires is very different anyways – and their butterfly wings probably do sparkle if you would see them during the day*.

‘miatu is derived from the word miatu’het for firefly. The verb thus relates to the shining of them and extended its meaning to glimmering and glittering. Miatu as adverb and adjective also refers to both meanings: “related to fireflies” and glittering.

And now for the song of the week. Yes, it’s that time again and given the world of the day, I chose something glimmering and glittering as well. It is also ambient music, which might serve as warning for parents and the like: Meccahnomad by the IMNSCO inappropriately named artist Carl Sagan’s Ghost. But I am going to overlook that due to the quite impressive music. It, the song and the album are glittering as muc as music can do it and calming. It reminds me of miatu’het’ny on a warm night. It is more structured than ambient can be, but not to the point where the beat becomes attention-grabbing.

* In case you wonder: they are giant butterflies, who at night suck the blood of young children via a long stinger, which they lower through the roof (traditionally, they were made of leaves). So, Edward was not an inspiration at all for the hukhujed’het’ny.