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It’s been a while

Sorry, but when my computer broke down, I felt as if I was unable to update the blog. At work (after work when off the clock of course, I do not advocate blogging during work), I lacked the calm (and the text editor joe), at home, I lacked, well, a computer which is, well, usable (anything running Windows CE does not count). But now on my new computer (a Mac Mini), I will try to blog more frequently again!


Kansu Marukimi mi’la’unidu sejil. Mi’la’vana’ta ‘naxah. Mi’vana’ta ‘sanja sijah’jet. Sijiv’het sijah mi’ki’aru sijiv’het lune ,mi’ma ‘sanja sidin’het’mi, ki. Mi’ki’ta ,mi’ma’isa, sunjan. Sidin’het mi’kaska’ta aru’tan’mi ,mi’la’mutan ,mi’ma’ta ‘asavleji kansa’he’ny, het, lajitax. Mi’vastas doky’het tisek ji jaku ji salan. Mi’lil’ta het’ny al. Mi’save tisa’het’ny ji sinutera’het’ny ji sdiditu’het’ny ,mi’rala’lil olsadi’het’ny’mi, het. Mi’ranhi’ta seve’het’ny hame. Mi’ma’ta ‘hax tevme’het tisa ji derek ji rakax. Mi’vana’ta ‘lija ,tevme’het mi’kelda namin, het. Kansu mi’eke hurina’het’ny’ra hakim ,idira’het mi’ma’ta ‘mesu vi ‘jdunu vi ‘xuryk, venil. Kansu mi’ykija ninak’tan. Mi’lanja’eke ji mi’oki’hax idira’het ,ninak’tan kadani mi’lanja’aru, nka. Mi’hax lejen’het ,minhit’het’mi mi’nika idira’het, jilih. Mi’vana’ta lejen’het idira ,mi’kaska tevme’het idira, jilih ,mi’doky lejen’het, venil. Jilih mi’veka alna nilhet.

Kansu Marukimi (literally: brown white) has slept badly. En did not want to wake up. En does not want to experience (live during) this day. Today will be the last day on which en can live with ens family. En does not know where en can go. The family dislikes en’s existance after en said that en cannot believe in the gods. En packs (prepares) a big, stable bag made of cloth. En does not have many things. En takes clothes, shoes and the pomegranades of ens parents. En does not forget washing stuff. En cannot find ens old but loved plushed animal. En does not want to leave it here (literally: to cause it to remain here). Kansu searches in all wardrobes but the bee cannot be seen, felt or smelled. Kansu lacks the time. En would search and surely find the bee if there was sufficient time. En does not want a bee book but a bee animal but takes it despite that. It is better than nothing.