Example: Hejida Naisikire’ra mji’het Rejavisko vinesju!
Welcome at LCC4!

‘nai means to meet and ‘sikire means to develop. Since the general terms for teaching and learning require a learned and a teacher this spirit of improvement as a community could not really be expressed by them. Thus the term for ‘to improve’ or ‘to develop’ had to step in.

Since I am both exhausted and still wired from the day, some thoughts in no particular order:
* It was amazing that Fenhl could make it there. I spend so much time with him on #conlang that it was strange to meet him in person
* Sylvia Sotomayor is beautiful and very, very intelligent. We talked a lot and she was very insightful
* Maybe I should learn Olesi. It sounded quite impressive when pronounced.
* The talk about verb control and the Dothraki talk made it far too clear that I have to document better how the cases are used in Rejistanian.
* the use of tpp for presentations leads to comments like this on the #lcc4 IRC channel:

guitarplayer: have you seen the text effects? 😉
guitarplayer: I wouldn’t have expected that was possible in Terminal
pne: guitarplayer: probably curses

(pne, you are of course right.)

* My laptop needs a new battery as this one is really unreliable! At least it made it through the entire presentation and only shut doen the box later…
* It was amazing to meet the people from the mailinglist.
* I still have to stiffle a laugh when iSharia #isharia is mentioned
* In a work of fiction, you should not italicize conlang terms
* If you think you are cool, remember that you are most likely not named after a pricess of an interplanetary empire, unlike some people (I still think Lykara’s parents win at life for that – and Lykara of course)
* I still need time to digest everything I learned…