Example: Nymatu’he’ny mi’ki demna’het’ny’mi kalesa’het’min.
A priest knows the souls of his village.

This is actually a rejistanian proverb. It means that the priest knows best what people in his congregation are.

A nymatu’he is a priest not in the traditional European religions but in the inikresaist rejistanian one. Also the (4th wall aware) religion of Excelitism uses the term for their priests. One of the reasons for this might be that the progressan missionaries for this religion used local terms to seem less threatening to the locals.

So, what does a nymatu’he do? That depends of course to which Deity he is the nymatu’he, but in general the responsibilities are the ceremonies (including animal sacrifices and (only symbolic) human ones*), the upkeep of the temple, personal celebrations, often also predictions and very important, garuanteeing the protection of the village by keeping on the good side of deities. When a village is ravaged by a disaster, it is not uncommon to fire (‘vared) the nymatu’he’ny since they clearly were inept.

* modern times have changed the practice, even before Rejistania was founded, wooden images of humans were sacrificed