Xe’sikeva ‘ixeki’ta ji xe’ki’ixeki’ta hantes.
I do not make predictions and never will do this.

I know, I post too seldom here. The job is difficult and also, I often think that I am too tired to write a good posting and instead write nothing at all. And then feel guilty. But so would a crappy posting make me feel. Stupid Catch 22.

I will now move to the topic of rejistanian religion a bit and ‘ixeki is a nice first word for that. Ixeki’he’ny, those who make predictions of the future, psychics, soothsayers, economists, weathermen, etc. So it is not a truely religious term. Whether you predict by regression analysis or by the pendulum or by the cards or divine trance does not matter so much for the use of this word (and yes, pendulums are used for prediction quite often). The rejistanian method of predicting via pendulum is actually quite sophisticated. It involves two people: one blind or blindfolded ixeki’he and an assistant who has the task of interpreting the result of the path of the pendulum over the sheet covered in symbols. This person often is just called the sevae’he (the initiated one).

Ixeki’het is a prediction while ixeki’tan refers to the ability to predict.

Oh and BTW: have you noticed -ki in this word? The same word which can mean to know or future? If so, well done!