Example: Hamik’tan’il vakadeha mi’jaliex’ta.
Your directory structure is inconsistent.

I show my age here, definitely but since the term folder was introduced in Windows, I am against it and still use the term directory from the good old DOS era (unless at work, since I cannot force customers to bear my idiosyncrasies quite that much). IMHO, the term folder just does not describe the thing. A directory sounds much more correct to the recursive nature of it, while folder reminds me of the DOS 1.0 era when a directory could not contain subdirectories.

The term vakadeha’het stems from “variety” and “file” or “value”. So it refers to the storage of varied information. Seeing that Rejistanis do probably use a strange kind of Unix which was changed to use the rejistanian alphabet and other conventions the rejistanis prefer, they do probably have deep directory structures.