Hukhujed’het mi’la’vaixunus lama’het’xen xi.
A vampire killed our two (or two of our) children.

The vampire myth is very different in Rejistania. Vampires are not desirable creatures, like Edward Cullen, instead they are horrible creatures of the color of the night who hide in the deep jungle during the day and during the night lower their stinger through the roofs of huts (which traditionally are made of leaves) and suck the blood (or life esence) of babies. Oh, have I mentioned that they have butterfly wings but are huge creatures? So yeah, they are not the ‘mosquitos with a backstory’ of European myths. It was how the Rejistanis traditionally explained sudden infant death.

In newer times and urban areas, ‘hukhujed has also become slang for being so annoying as to destroy the life essence of anyone around.