Example: Namha’het’ny min’aru’ta ,hanluru’het’ny min’kelda aji, venil.
Answer-PL 3PL-be-NEG ,redirect–PL 3PL-remain only, but,
There are no answers, just cross references.

This is a programming term created from ‘han (in the verbal sense of “to go to”) and the adjective/adverb luru “other”. So it means “going to another place” and once again shows that rejistanian is not the most allegorical language out there.

‘hanluru means to redirect, to refer. The noun refers to a redirection or a route diversion. Looking at the translation of the German term Umleitung mademe realize how many terms English actually have for this. I guess the fact that English is quite multicentric helps here, but I guess the use of noun adjuncts instead of compounding makes alternative coinings more likely.