Example: Xe’ki’vaku vaka’het’ny myju’tes.
1S-FUT-receive diverse-PL home-ABL.
I will get various things from home.

Well, yes, supposedly, a package for me from Cologne is in the mail. And I have no idea what might be in it since it is supposed to be (have been) a Christmas present. I guess my relatives expected me to at one point either lose my life or my employment.

This word has a rather narrow meaning: it refers to receiving items or messages but not in a process of monetary exchange. You can ‘vaku messages, transmissions, letters, parcels, flowers from a secret admirer, etc, you cannot ‘vasu a mark, a promotion, or angry.

Vasu’he is someone who receives (‘vaku-s) a message or an item. And a vaku’het is a tehnical device that receives a transmission or in omputing terms: a client. As such, it does fit the ‘server’ of yesterday.