Ameri’het jilih mi’lanja’helku nesyk’het’ny.
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This site probably links to disgusting things.

This is an interesting word. Like many terms in rejistanian, it has meanings, which are quite divergent from the expected ones: ‘helku means just what it says in the headline, but helku’het not only has the meaning ofcombined things or a tilde, it is also a rejistanian character. The helku’het looks like a combining inverted breve below. Rejistanian uses no diacritics in its native writing system, but since not all sounds can be created out of just 18 characters, the helku’het actually indicates that the two letters are pronounced irregularly. These letters are not used in proper rejistanian, but in proper names, they pop up now and then. The most well-known example is Hank͜hila (or in ASCII Hank~hila) Sede, the first first representative of Rejistania.