Example: Xe’la’seve lki’het sikeva yi. Sirtas’het’xe lis mi’tore.
1S-PST-use mouse habitual too. arm-GEN1S right 3S-hurt.
I have used the mouse too regularly. My right arm is in pain.

Fortunately, this is only an example sentence, maybe partly because I prefer to use trackballs.

This word is a strange one, I am not sure what made me giveit these kind of meanings, but I can try to explain how I see it now. The original meaning referred to the ploughing, Then it was extended to moving equipment or cargo by animal or slave. Mice are no cargo, but they are pushed or shoved in colloquial speech (‘mousepushers’ in English and ‘Mausschubser’ in German use the respective terms), so the term fits here as well. A lki’het is a plough or a mouse.

The strange consonant cluster at the beginning is a sign of the origin of the term from the Lajik. While the phonotactics are nominally adhered to, it is odd, even for rejistanis who are used to “sl”, “sx” and “vk” (well,are used too is probably too strong, but these initial consonant clusters do exist in the language).