Example: Xe’rala’ki Google’sy ,xe’atamu, yke.
1S-PASS-know google-INSTR ,1S-popular, thus.
I am known by Google, thus I am popular.

It is even true:

[ lucky] MalfermitaKodo, rejistania(n) showsup in google auto complete now
[ MalfermitaKodo] *lol*
[ MalfermitaKodo] seriously‽
[ lucky] yes
[ lucky] at least for my localization
[ Twey] Haha!
[ MalfermitaKodo] oh, lol, it does too for Ireland
[ lucky] rejistanian About 25,600 results (0.33 seconds)
[ lucky] all of them about your language.
[ Twey] registania → ‘Did you mean: rejistania’
[ MalfermitaKodo] 😮
[ lucky] hah
[ Twey] It also came up in the auto-suggest box
[ MalfermitaKodo] I am internet famous
[ lucky] Google has assimilated you, MalfermitaKodo.
[ Twey] Haha
[ lucky] up next, translation services.
[ Uiri] lol

Well, about the word, it can mean something like famous, but without the implication to be famous like Paris Hilton for basically nothing but scandals and parties. It has the implication of good popularity, not being infamous. Atamu’he is a popular person, atamu’tan is popularity or fame.

BTW: there were 286 comments on this blog when I started writing this posting. An unremarkable number? Probably, but the zweisechsundachziger (286er) of my parents was the first computer I ever used (oh $DEITY, I feel old).