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Example: Syku mi’ukuku sama ,mi’asav sydi, venil.
Syku 3S-type slow ,3S-think fast but.
Syku types slowly but thinks fast.

This is related to yesterday’s ‘anteni but a more continuous version. It is also related to ‘dimil as this word refers to all kinds of writing (but not the production of larger or difficult text, which is ‘odavisko or to formulate, ie, you don’t ‘dimil a novel, you ‘odavisko it). While pressing a key is ‘anteni himukuku’het (press.button key) the continuous pressing of keys to produce a text is ‘ukuku. It is supposed to be onomatopoetic for the sound of the kind of keyboards of computers which are used in Rejistania (think old keyboards of XTs and 286s). But you need to know it to understand that.

Ukuku’het is a keyboard. At least in these times. To make it clear what you mean and to distinguish it from a typewriter (ukuku’het kimtija**), you can add sistenha or komvuteru as clarifying adjective.

An ukuku’he is someone who either currently or habitually spends time at the keyboard. So either someone currently typing or a user, and mostly a knowledgable user, ie a geek* or nerd* or someone working in an area where you are expected to be a geek or a nerd.

Ukuku’tan is the quality, which I describe in the footnote below.

* English lacks the term I want to use here. Geeks and nerds can and probably are mostly geeks and nerds about existing media, at least in common perception. There are Pokémon geeks and Star Trek geeks. IMHO, that is completely bizarre. I need a term which is not concentrated on the obsessive consumption of media but on the creation of new things. There is nothing particularly wrong about obsessive consumption of media since it is an activity which causes no harm to others. It is however not the word I really want. Why is there no term for someone who does things ‘because they are not there yet’.

** which reminds me that kimtija is also a word to be explained.


Example: Jilih mi’ki’lanja’juku kemas’het’ra masi.
This will probably work in the next version.

Have you all run a software update already to make sure you are running the most recent version of your OS?

I have no idea how I created this word, but it means the version of a program, or a song or the edition of a text. ‘kemas means to create a new version or to fork a program (‘riva is a synonym).