Example: Anteni’tan sxa, anteni’tan juku. Jilih mi’juu.
Switching off, switching on/working. It works.

This is a request, the word reboot was asked for. reboot, is ‘anteni xures (to switch again), The word was requested because I noticed a dearth of terms related to it in English. German has quite a few terms for powercycling devices: AEG (ausschalten, anschalten, geht wieder), or gesundbooten (to boot to health) are maybe the funniest ones. Which somewhat humorous terms does English have for rebooting? Tell me in the comments.

A weird story which happened to me a few years ago was related to a router, which was pretty FUBAR. I tried everything, but forgot the most obvious step. After I powercycled the box, it immediately worked again. “Welcome to IT support, have you tried plugging it off and on again?”

To switch something on for rejistanis means to switch something functioning (which is what juku means). I like this more than the indescriptive ‘on’. And allows for a somewhat funny description of a reboot which is a bit ambiguous but at least under Windows fitting. A device which is off is in most of the cases also quiet, while about anything which runs makes a noise. Thus switching something off switches something silent. A switch is an anteni’het.

Only now, I realized that the term is maybe one of those which violates the stereotype of artlangs: it is a term which is pretty useless in the typical medieval worlds, which since Tolkien are often associated with conlangs and -worlds. Instead, it requires at least twentieth century technology.