Example: Rete’het’ny min’yly xe’han!
network-PL 3PL-scare 1S-ALL!
Networks scare me!

Well, they do. Or anger me, and in some very distinct cases, they also make me sick in my stomach. This is not related to my job, it is related to the horrible excuse of a network, which is at the hostel. It is scary in its frailty. I returned from solving computer problems at work to solving computer problems at the hostel. At least, now the WiFi (actually a ShiFi*) is working again. For now. Don’t breathe into the direction of the access point, please. It was hard enough to find the cable which has loosened itself and tried to esape to Narnia…

‘yly means “to scare”. Rejistanis use this word with a somewhat wider meaning, though I am not quite sure how to express that. A very good example of this is that “to wake up” in rejistanian is ‘yly naxah (to scare awake). Yly’he is someone who is feared and yly’het is something which is feared. Yly’tan is fear.

* a compound of sh*te and WiFi