Example: Siki mi’onjis jenji ,Lyku mi’la’okox, het.
Siki 3S-smile hidden ,Lyku 3S-PST-fall, this.
Siki smiles covertly because Lyku fell down.

The current inspiration asks what makes me smile and knowing that a word for this exists is surely one of the things which does make me smile when thinking about it. I have to admit to a certain liking of schadenfreude as well. So the example sentence is not too unrealistic for me. 😉

BTW: I have read that smiling is one of the universal things for humans, that it is part of human nature. For some odd reason, there is something discomfortung about this fact. I guess because I would prefer if humans were really the blank slates of behaviourists. This latter idea at least would make it possible to raise human beings who are less screwed up than this blog author 😉

‘onjis means to smile, onjis means smiling, onjis’het is a smile, onjis’he someone who smiles and onjis’tan the process of smiling.