Example: Xe’uta.
Ich habe fertig! (I have finished).

It is probably a bit strange to use an example sentence like this, but this one is just something I could not resist. This normally ungrammatical utterance was turned into a meme by soccer coach (who coached Bayern München at that time) Giovanni Trappatoni who used it in a very ungrammatical speech (when he was quite angry about his team) once. By now, the utterance has become grammatical. An interesting linguistic tale related to it happened in math class: Someone asked the math teacher whether he corrected the exam already. He said: “Ich bin schon angefangen*” (I am already started) constructing the past tense incorrectly by using the wrong auxilliary verb and as people giggled continued: “habe aber noch nicht fertig” (but [I] have not finished). You probably need to understand German to fully understand why after that everyone laughed.

‘uta means to finish something. It means that you not only stop to do something, but that this something it done now. Finished. This word carries a stronger sense of accomplishment than I feel in the English equivalent.

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