Example: Kelda’iln tera ji tamal ji isin asty’het’jet xiky mjeke mje.
Remain safe and healthy and hapy in the year twothousand and eleven.

Happy new GNU year! Real life is currently not letting me posting as often as I would love to (I even feel too tired for my traditional Fiji to Samoa all-nighter). However, I want to wish everyone frequenting (or occasionaling or seldoming) this blog. Asty’het is the rejistanian term for the time, our pale blue dot needs to circle around the sun once. Asty’tan roughly means era, it used to be the time of the rule of one specific ruler but in modern times the usage widened to speak also of a asty’tan’mi Mahele’he (the time in which [Kivan] Mahele coached the rejistanian national team) or asty’tan rakax (era of old age = retirement).

It is quite interesting that the rejistanis do not conflate the new years greeting in the way German or English do it. Of course, rejistanian is not as prone to colloquialisms as other languages due to its formal origin, however, I think something else plays a role here. Something related to the specific form of rejistanian: I think the rejistanian form centers more on the person and makes the occasion a minor cointidence.

BTW: I have a new year’s resolution: it is 1024×600. 😉