Numy’het’xe yh mi’tore ,xe’la’sinu tuku, lija.
Ankle-GEN1S left 3S-hurt ,1S-PST-step wrong, because.
My left ankle hurts because I made a wrong step.

Indeed it does. I just wanted to go to a high place to make some photographs of the city. It worked, but going down what felt like maxint* stairs, I missed one, almost fell and twisted my ankle. It sucks. I would like to go to bed, but atm, climbling into the upper bed in the room I sleep in sounds like the kind of thing which would make it scream in pain again. And if it does so, metaphorically, I might do so literally. What also pains me is to see the ratio of legitimate comments vs. spam. There were mother than three times the amount of spam (thankfully eaten by Akismet) than of legitimate comments. Spammers are the scum of the earth!

Tore’tan is the kind of pain which is unwanted, annoying, and hurting. If it is pain which is part of a religious ceremony or generally has a positie connotation, rejistanis use another word: aela’tan.

It is also interesting that the expression ‘sinu tuku does not just literally mean to step wrongly, but also metaphorically all kinds of clumsiness.

* I learned programming in the 16 bit era, and thus maxint (the highest value which fits into an integer variable) to me still is 32767.