Xe’la’keldadimil ameri’het ,xe’ki’ta ,mi’aru sunra, het, venil.
1S-PST-save text ,1S-know-NEG ,3S-be where, this, but.
I have saved the text, but I do not know where it is.

I have to admit that this was something which kept me up a while: How can I say ‘to save a file’ in Rejistanian. Conlang insomnia at its best. Then, the inspiration came from a discussion on an IRC channel about keyboard shortcuts. I am very idiosyncratic about that. I still refuse to use Control+C and Control+V for copy and pasting. Why? Because I dislike Windows and everything associated with it. I remember actually crying when my parents got rid of OS/2 and instead used that clumsy, ugly Windows 3.1. After that bad start, Windows never really gained much ground on me. Yes, Windows 9x was better than Windows 3.1, but at that time, I already experienced DOS software and pretty much used it to run many DOS programs simultaneously. Linux has been a relevation. Not only was KDE 1.x pretty neat when I tried it, but also there was a textmode editor which supported all the keyboard shortcuts which I knew from the Turbo Pascal editor (which I used for about everything related to text). One of these was Control+K-D to save a file. I realized that it would be nice if this was actually a mnenomic for something in rejistanian and thus created ‘keldadimil, which means something like: to remain written.

Why? Because if a file is saved, it cannot be forgotten if the power fails. Well, unless the powerfail dissects the filesystem, of course. 😉