Xe’aru rete’sis su?
1S-be offline QUESTPART?
Am I offline?

I indeed am from the hostel I live in at the moment. The only place to go online is from my employer. (Since they are pretty strict concerning NDAs I am not going to disclose its name so that if I say anything out of line, I have not said it as someone who identifies as their employee.)

Rete is of course a loan from Esperanto*. I have no idea what the rejistanis thought when they loaned from the adverb and not the noun, but I suspect the academy just wanted to hide the obvious. Also, -o is rather seldom in the rejistanian language so rete sounds more like a native word. It makes sense not to use the adjective as well since -ta or rather -‘ta is the negation. Thus, the noun is predictably rete’het for a network and rete’tan for networking. Rete’sen means online and rete’sis offline.

Rejistanis connect “in” a network and as such, the object requires the locative ‘ra. ‘rete can also be used to “to go online to do something” if combined with an infinitive: Xe’rete ‘itines sistenha’het’xe: I go online to update my system. I have this idea from another conlanger on the mailing list, but do not remember who it was.

* It makes sense not to loan “network” because the second vowel does not correspond to anything in the rejistanian phonetic inventory and it uses a forbidden consonant cluster.