Kemes’het ines mi’rala’xelha.
Release new 3S-PASS-emerge.
A new release was installed.

Emerge is a tool, which exists under Gentoo Linux to install, update and delete software. It is maybe for that reason that new software is emerged in rejistanian. However, emerge also does refer to the normal scope of the word, something arising, something slowly forming itself. A common phrase in rejistanian as a default excuse for missing schedules of all kinds is laconically “Ohix’het’ny min’rala’xelha.” (There were [unexpected] issues) or even more laconically: “Xelha’het’ny min’kidhi” (emerged things occured). This of course already shows that the ‘het derivation is absolutely regular. And, don’t worry, so is the ‘tan derivation: Xelha’tan means emergence (and Gentoo Linux using Rejistanis with a sense of humour probably would call the emerge utility like that as well 😉 ).