Kelda’iln taren HALha’tes ,mi’meshi’aru koha’tan idira, reja.
Remain-IMP2PL distant HAL-ABL ,3S-SBJ2-be swarm bee, way.
As if it were a swarm of bees avoid the HAL.

The hardware abstraction layer in Linux is scary stuff and even though this sentence was originally about something else it fits about this topic as well. The real sentence cannot be used as an example due to NDAs. Not that it makes sense, but then, if I would blog about technology and not about language it would probably make some form of sense.

Idira’het refers to a bee, a swarm of them uses the term koha’het which is a swarm of (normaly small) animals. You would probably not use it for a waddle of penguins though. Do Rejistanis keep bees? I have not thought of this so far, but it makes sense that they do. I can imagine rejistanian idira’he’ny (ie: beekeepers).

The example sentence shows that the rejistanian word order is not as flexible as in English. If you wanted to put the comparison first, you’d have to put it like this: Niva’iln asav ,HALha mi’aru koha’het idira, het ji kelda’iln taren jilih’tes. (Imagine HAL was a swarm of bees and stay away from it.)

In other news: the 18th relay is imminent and I signed up with Tsali and Rejistanian. I am going to write about that on my Constructing Language blog soonish. Really.