Example: Xe’vana hadi’het’xe ,xe’skavu kovomin’het’xe, venil.
(1S-like country-GEN1S, 1S-hate government-GEN1S, but)
I like my country but I hate my government.

I have mentioned this word already. It is part of the word ‘xetsukovomin (literally: choose-government). It is distinguished from the word ‘shensa by the legitimation. ‘kovomin refers to the rule justified by the people, ‘shensa means to rule by being selected (by birth, or religious rule).

A specific government is kovomin’het. Kovomin’tan means politics (even those which are not that democratic). And what is the term for a politician? Lentine’he, the word is derived from ‘lentine: to represent.