Example: Hisadu’het janek mi’la’nene yunad’het’jet xala.
(candle small 3S-PST-shine night-TEMP dark)
A small candle emitted light during the dark night.

I like candles. Not as primary or only light source, but for certain occasions nothing beats candle light. I created that term once for a transiation challenge, and like it. to me it seems that the stem can express the flickering quality of candle light very well. BTW: the term candle light is translated as it is in English: nene’het hisadu (light candle). A hisadu’he is a candle-maker.

EDIT: For those who read through the aggregator: Due to popular demand of two persons, I will try to translate my info on rejistanian into German and post into a page here on the page. I started by translating/re-writing the reasons for conlanging into German.