Example: Ytin’het’ny ninak min’lija ,xe’deldel, het.
(change-PL time 3PL-cause ,1S-be.confused, this.)
Changes of the time cause me to be confused.

This is very true. The USA apparently falls back one week later han EUrope* and that means that currently my heuristic of posting before 2 am to still post within the same day no longer is true. Freaking winter time! Why do we fall back at all? I am not a morning person and do not see the benefit of there being light at times when I want to be in bed anyways…

Ninak’het means watch or clock and it was supposed to sound at least a bit like the ticking of a clock. In an unprecedented move of irregularity, ninak’tan was generalized to mean time. But since time is often described to tick (away) in RL music as well, it is not so off, maybe.

For more irregularity: ninak’het sirtas (watch arm) means wristwatch and ninaknaxah’het (watch-to.wake.up) means alarm clock.