Example: Rantu’ta’il hej’ny ,min’ki’lanja’xesyn il kijitax, lija.
(Insult-NEG-IMP2S person-PL ,3PL-FUT-SBJ1-lead 2S later(FUT), because)
Don’t insult people, they might later be in charge of you.

Not really a proverb, though it does remind me of a scene in a book. One person insulted a bad driver who then turned out to be his future boss.

I think this word does not really need much explanation. Rejistanis often insult people by calling them failures (slani refers to that, so does selme even though the denotation is just ‘indebted’) or using religious curses. Using the latter is common enough to have its own term: ‘visko elu(‘het’ny) kansa (say the divine name(s)) is the equivalent of “to cuss” and used by now even for completely secular curses. Talking about curses, these are just oda’het’ny rantu (insulting words). So, yes, rantu means insulting or offensive (unly in this context) and rantu’het’ny are insults.