Example: “Il’lanja’lil ulu ,inta’tan’mi mi’rala’kaska il’sy, het namin su?”
(2S-SBJ1-have something ,appearance-GEN3S 3S-PASS-like 2S-INSTR, this here QUESTPART?)
Do you have something with you which is liked by you?

When I was in the center of Cologne yesterday, I met students of design, who asked me whether I had something beautiful and/or something ugly with me and was willing to show it to their camera. They tried for one of their course units to find out what people consider beautiful and what ugly. When they heard that I conlang, they also asked me to say a beautiful word and an ugly word in my conlang. It is quite difficult to think of something like that completely unprepared, but I decided on two terms “kadani” (sufficient) and “kyus’het” (war). The latter fits the letter of rejistanian phonotactics but not the spirit. It is an odd term. I thought this was quite odd. As was the idea to document beauty and uglyness only via videocamera where where is so much more to it: How something feels to the touch, how something smells, its usabilty…

About ‘kaska. It is a term which means “to prefer” but can also mean “to like”, especially when being a bit more formal or indirect. As adjective, it means “preferred” or “liked”. Kaska’tan is a preference.