Example: Xe’la’ludu yi ,xe’ma’ta ‘dimil namin, yke.
(1S-PST-be.tired too ,1S-be.able-NEG (INF)write here, therefore)
I was too tired to post here.

This is true. RL got me yesterday, but meeting an old friend is more important than the Rejistanian Word of the Day (at least occasionally).

In other news: a collaborative language we work on on IRC has its own blog..

Ludu means tired, exhausted, or as I like to say: crashed. If someone needs rest (and probably a good night’s sleep), this word is used. The English expression “to be tired of X” is not expressed with ‘ludu but as “xe’oki’rala’kiniu X’sy” (It is certain that I am annoyed by X). Ludu’he is a tired person and ludu’het a tired (unnamed) animal (named ones would also require the ‘he form*). Ludu’tan is tiredness, exhaustion. *collapses on keyboard, hits submit with the nose*