Example: Xe’la’isa ladja’het jilih lystas hanan.
(1S-PST-go route this earlier too)
I have gone this route earlier as well.

The question how many demonstratives rejistanian has is a difficult one. There is jilih, which definitely counts. However, namin (here), sike (there) and taren (distant) can be used as well as demonstratives. Rejistanis are quite inventive in terms of language (though the prescriptivists at the Asene’het rejavisko rejistaniha, ie the association for the rejistanian language would use different terms 😉 ) and often use a location for what is there (so: the cup on the table would if context is clear enough just be jenak’ra’het ie “the thing at the table”). Using jilih however is also quite popular in another usage: Since rejistanian nouns are not declined for definiteness and articles do not exist, jilih is the closest thing rejistanis have to a definite article. So lejen’het jilih can mean “the book” or “this book” depending on the context. And of course, jilih is not only used like an adjective even though the example sentence used it that way, but can be used on its own just fine: “Xe’la’isa myju’han jvenu’sy. Jilih mi’tinhu’ta!” (I went home on foot. This was not a good idea)

In other news: I have found a nice bit of rejistanianized grammar in the song Off That by Baba Brinkman:

Mysticism and pseudo-science
We off that
Placebo effects and magic
Are off track
Religion and superstition
We off that
‘Cause you can’t bring
The future back

Using ‘off’ as a verb is positively rejistanian for me. 🙂