Example: Xe’la’kimtu tadvasek’het sudoku se.
(1S-PST-solve puzzle sudoku 6)
I solved six sudoku puzzles.

The word for puzzle means guessed-thing + fun. As such, it is used for recreational puzzles. It does not carry the metaphorical meaning for serious matters. If a scientist would talk about solving the puzzle of autism in this metaphor (‘kimtu tadvasek’het saoviluru) s/he would accused of not taking the suffering of the afflicted seriously.

Please also note that ‘kimtu is used here for ‘to solve’. It is a term which normally is used in meaning as “to make work”, “to repair” or “to fix”. This was done mainly to illustrate that rejistanian does not simply calque. Figuring out a puzzle can also be ‘tadva, as described yesterday.