Example: KaMaRi mi’lil lasane’het dary. KaMaRi mi’lil xen!
(KaMaRi 3S-have team great. KaMaRi 3S-have 1PL!)
KaMaRi has a great team, KaMaRi has us!

This is actually a part of one of the earliest texts in Rejistanian which still exists. It was sung by fans of the team Hades Lavamje when it was still fitting and the team one of the better teams in the Heven mje’het sekhika rejistaniha (1st rejistanian soccer league). By now, Hades is a team which no longer wins the league. The teams which do have names like Sikane Sekhika or Ltianhama Kimi and the best team in KaMaRi kali is Karela Lines (a team known especially for its very defensive tactics). But Hades fans still sing this song.

‘lil however means “to have”. It is one of these words which should have been discussed far earlier but for some odd reason, I always forgot. If something belongs to someone, the passive of ‘lil, ie: ‘rala’lil can be used. This does not refer to people who are belonging to each other (frex: husband and wife) except in the situation of slavery. Lil’tan means property and lil’he owner. One of the first compounds of two verbs was the term ‘lilkir (to have + to follow) which means ‘to inherit’. I created this long before I heard that natlangs form such compounds all the time and thus, the term still has a certain feeling of illegitimacy to me. As if I was not supposed to create words like this.

The term ‘lilkir made me wonder something else: We all are mortal and in the case that something happens to me, this language will probably be abandonned. It is somewhat of a sad thought (I am odd enough to be less sad about the idea that I won’t exist anymore at one point than that my projects will be abandonned). It is for me a motivation to put as much as I can onto the web so that people can at least see what I created. My dream would be of course that before I die, I can give my github and wordpress passwords to a deserving heir, but I guess that the downside of conlanging is that it is a lonely endeavour.

Sorry to be depressing. I think we should not look at the end but at the here and now. It is much more rewarding.

And now for something completely unrelated, but IMHO rather mood enhancing: I only today found out that Compiz allows to simulate raindrops falling onto the screen. Not just onto the background, like Enlightenment 15 already could, but onto the actual displayed image (which is treated like a pond in terms of metaphors because the raindrops actually cause ripples over the desktop*). It is one of these completely useless things which nonetheless cause me to smile.

* the fact that an invisible windscreen wiper can do away with them destroys the metaphor somewhat though…