Example: {Il’la’jitax mesuoly’han su?} – {Nil, xe’la’aru sike semynu lystas!}
(“2S-PST-be.late interview-ALL QUESTPART?” – “no, 1S-PST-be there week early!”)
“Were you late for your interview?” – “No I was there one week early!”

This is a normal 7 day week with a term loaned from Esperanto (just because I like the sound of that term). As an adjective/adverb, this term can mean ‘week-long’ or ‘weekly’ depending on context.

This did not happen to me, fortunately, however it did happen yesterday to a person who arrived simultaneously with me. I could comment full of Schadenfreude that this means one less competitor for the position, but she was not competing with me about this anyways. She did fit all prejudices about the people who (aspire to) design professionally though which I happen to uphold: beautiful and (to say it mildly) confused. Even if she arrived on time, she discredited herself with the third full sentence, which she uttered (asking the receptionist interestedly whether the entire building belonged to the advertising agency when the company is not actually an advertising agency but does catalogues on- and offline). However she was a sweet lady (we talked a bit on the bus home), so I should not be too cruel to her. Let’s just say that she won’t work there anytime soon even if the company would overlook these issues (“I thought they were doing different things here…”).

Now for own failures: This company does webdesign. As such it probably also designed its own webpage. So, it is NOT a good idea to mention accessability problems with it. Even though parts of their website was inaccessable due to bad webdesign (except in elinks) and used flash for… something (fortunately not to the point of making the site unusable without it, but gnash hogged lots of CPU time when I went there even though I saw nothing… flashy). Well, at least they knew that I looked at it and followed it 2 links deep 🙂

I think I said something else, which was embarrassing as heck (at least to me), but hopefully, I wiggled out of this well (voiced an opinion about the feasibility of a certain process and get told that they are moving towards this successfully, when hearing that act interested and then thanking them for correcting an error and “not letting me die dumb”).

Oh and I almost fell onto my nose when I was lead out of the building because I ‘misunderestimated’ the height of a step (I cannot really see spatially and upon being told “not so fast”, I explained what the real issue was).

We’ll see what’ll happen.

What happened after the job interview was glorious as well. The Deutsche Bahn had massive issues related to the railway control centers in both Reutlingen and Frankfurt. Thus, I was not home at 23:30 but at 5 am. And I walked from Cologne Central Station back to my place because I missed the last train there. Let’s just call that the highlight of the day (not only because I fear the job interview went hoorribly wrong but also because it was pretty nice to walk through an almost silent (but mostly well-lit) city).