When I was at the pentium 1 because my system failed, I created a little conlang called Tsali. It was once again a project of mine which I considered for quite a while already. I noticed that languages require to state different things in every sentence. Let me illustrate it: If a Rejistani talks about a friend and uses only the name and the 3rd person singular to talk about this person without ever stating the gender, you would not be able to translate the sentences into correct English without adding an assumption about said gender. If I said something like “I might come to your party” to a rejistani, s/he could not translate it into Rejistanian. It can be translated as “xe’lanja’isa antal’het’han’il”, “xe’meshi’isa antal’het’han’il”, “xe’mesit’isa antal’het’han’il” and “xe’lanjamesit’isa antal’het’han’il”. Each of these 4 irrealis forms gives a different impression of how likely it is that you will come.

Tsali was created to take this to a ridiculous extreme. Tsali does not have tenses but a rich aspect system (and can actually extend the system it has by compounding), while it does not mark the number anywhere and marks definiteness only in adjectives it does have a system of evidentials and several different possessive constructions. It is not ready for linking anyone to yet, but I plan to develop it further now.

Asak’xen rejistaniha! (let’s get back to rejistanian)

The word of the day, outside of all planning is monatu’het and means month. Rejistanian is often quite quirky, but the names of the months are not in the least. Here it shows its auxlangness and just uses ordinal numbers. It does make more sense than have an october which is the 10th month of the year, I guess. And it is not completely charmeless and quirkless since this does show the wonderfully quirky way to create ordinal numbers (ANADEW, probably but still).

Example: Xe’isin ,monatu mje ke mje’het mi’ki’kidhi xeles, het.
(1S-happy ,month one ten one-ORDC1 3S-FUT-happen soon, this)
I am happy that November will be soon.

I actually am. I am really looking forward to NaNovember, the time to spend trying to write a novel of 50k words in 30 days.