Example: Xe’ki’neteva nahsua’han etju’het’sy.
(1S-FUT-travel south-ALL train-INSTR)
I will go south via train.

It is right, tomorrow is that 2nd job interview. I will try to eep my review as light-hearted as the last one when I’ll return. Wish me luck!

Neteva is used in a few quite interesting derivations, neteva’tan is not as one might assume travelling but it means the life journey, the slow but remarkable change someone goes through in life. Neteva’het is a journey and neteva’he a traveler. Netenju’tan is another term which is derived from it as portmanteau/compound of ‘neteva and ‘enju (to house in, to live in) and means migration. I have no idea when I created the original word, but ‘netenju (to migrate) was created when I returned from the UK to Germany. It was created while being in a train and for some odd reason that makes the word even more fitting IMHO.