Example: Xe’la’isa lerat’het’tes hiskiu. Xe’la’liva ehral’het’ny
(1S-PST-go store-ABL wide. 1S-PST-buy fruit-PL)
I come from the supermarket. I bought fruits.

‘hisiku is for the horizontal what ‘salan is for the vertical… You can say “jilih mi’hiskiu $VESHINTE xi” for “this is 2 $UNITS wide or thick”. for the rejistanis the words wide and thick seem to refer to the same thing to the distance from one end to the other one of some form of thing. It is not to me. This was an attempt to create a different definition behind a word than in my L1 and L2s. Width and thickness is hiskiu’tan.

Oh and as the example showed you already: a supermarket is just a ‘wide store’ for the rejistanis. 🙂