Example: Doa’het mi’la’kidhi lystas jolu.
(Strange.thing 3S-PST-happen earlier(PST) direct)
Something strange just happened.

Today, my father reprimanded me for constantly referring to things by attributes of them, ie: not saying “the Allfine* netbook” but “the green one”. He was not sober when saying that (he tends to drink and not quite be himself**), so I do not know whether this is something I tend to do too much, but if it was, it would create an interesting question: Did this happen because of my creation of rejistanian (where that is perfectly valid and quite acceptable) or did I create this in rejistanian to grammaticalize a certain oddity of my personal way of speaking? I mean, it does not even need to be something I was aware of, it could just subconsciously influence me. Unfortunately, my mother was not aware of me using these kind of terms before or after 2001 disturbingly often so I have no however weak data on it. As such, I invite you to speculate. 😉

Doa and ‘doa are not necessarily bad. There is the quote which states that the sentence which led to scientific advancement is not “Eureka!” (Yri’tan!***) but “oh, that’s funny…” (ha, jilih mi’doa…) and this ‘funny’ can very well be expressed with ‘doa. Something which for a few moments amuses you in the daily grind can ‘doa. And sometimes, strangeness is entirely neutral. If something is strange in a bad and offensive way however, there are also synonyms (at least to a point) like “jaliex’ta” (invalid or rude) or “raxhu’sis” (impolite).

And now: the song of the week. Yes, last week, there was no song because I was in Karlsruhe and later in bed (I didn’t get the job, BTW, sanja mi’slani****), but this week, I should again introduce one. And since the World of the day is ‘doa, I am presenting some doa music (not goa music though 😉 ). Thus my choice fell on R. Winchester’s It’s 0600 a.m. and Garys Refrigerator Plays a Raga. How can I explain what this song is about? It is a strange song, not something to play at a party but something to listen to, probably with headphones for a more direct experience and prefereably at a time of day, when you are not quite immersed in your normal life but willing to experience something different (I sometimes took the “it’s 6 am” part of the title seriously and listened to it when (due to an allnighter) I was still up at 6am). It is a very warm sound, something which immerses you, allows you to close your eyes and trust it. It is an intriguing construction of sounds, strange enough that I cannot even specify the genre easily (R. Winchester himself suggests the tags “electronic”, “chiptune” and “transistor” for his album). And it is exactly 9 minutes long.

EDIT: If you comment without a gravatar, you will now see a wonderful retro avatar which is reminding of space invaders instead of the geometrical… thing…

* seriously, that is a brand, since few things are fine with it, I pronounce the term generally as if it was a meaningless German term though… 😉
** or maybe he is himself when he drinks and only puts up a façade when sober, which is to be honest a quite scary thought…
*** This literally means ‘success’. It seems to me a more rejistanian thing to say in such a moment since the literal translation would be longer.
**** another southern German company however invited me to a job interview, so we’ll see.