Example: Xe’ma’ta ‘itines jilih ,xe’vkemi, het.
(1S-be.able-NEG (INF) update this ,1S-be.ill, this.)
I could not update this because I am ill.

Well, yes, it is true. This is pretty much the reason why I was not able to post. Besides the slow-as-fossilization computer I had to use. At least the newer one is back again, but since its problems (not the ‘not seeing the harddisk in BIOS’ but the ‘terminally FUBAR filesystem’ one) persisted despite there not being any physical harddisk errors, I had to reinstall the OS. Except that I was fed up enough with Xubuntu to try Mint.

Well, about the word… I will better just say that it is pretty similar to the English one as it refers to all kinds of impaired health. And I will not provide the various derivations just now… It seems to me I will have to re-use that topic more often…